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Nurturing the Longterm Homeowner

Almost 80% of Americans 65 & up own their own home. That means they’ve got options, and we need to know what they are.

Sylvia Dana is a much sought-after marketing and technology coach, especially in the area of utilizing kvCore to its fullest potential.

What is kvCore? A powerful platform including website, CRM, marketing autopilot & more - for real estate agents to market and follow up with their clients.

There are many platforms out there for marketing and database management. The principles behind them are the same - Content + Communication + Call to Action = Conversion

It takes work, but Sylvia Dana knows the steps and knows how to share them.

• Content Creation and Marketing

• Lead Generation and Conversion

• KV Core Strategy

• Targeting the Senior homeownership Market in ANYONE'S community.

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Providing Resources for Older Adults, Their Families, & Professionals Serving the Senior Market "SUBSCRIBE" on our Home Page for our detailed Home Safety Checklist More Aging-in-Place classes and videos, including: What Does An Accessible Home Look Like? How to Build a Community Network for Older Adults Elder Law Answers Aging Safe in America – Building a Better Future for Senior Homeowners" How to Market to the Senior Homeowner Niche Tech That Transforms Aging #marketing #realestate #aginginplace

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