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And the Winner is... Aging in Place!

NEW AARP survey results are in: Aging-in-Place options gain popularity

The 2021 AARP Home Preferences Survey reveals that the overwhelming preference for Aging-in-Place hasn’t wavered in a decade. Over ¾ of people over 50 still want to Age-in-Place.

CoVid-19 wreaked havoc with familiar ways to connect with community, and everyone had to find new ways to reach out. Of note in the AARP survey is the increased percentage of interest in alternative ways to support an Aging-in-Place lifestyle, like home sharing - living with other people who can assist with everyday chores and tasks, or even just for companionship - or joining a Village, a membership organization in which neighbors help neighbors, offering help, services and classes to older adults.

More info: STAART with AARP “2021 Home & Community Preference Survey"

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