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Book Review: Aging-in-Place Conversations

National Aging-in-Place Council Chairman Scott Fulton likens planning for Aging-in-Place to going to college – we studied four years (or more!) to prepare ourselves for our careers – wouldn’t it be prudent to spend some time preparing for our longevity years? “You bet it would.”

Eve Hill, Customized Aging Co-Founder holds a copy of the book, "Aging-in-Place Conversations"
Eve Hill, Customized Aging Co-Founder, reads "Aging-in-Place Conversations"

is designed to get you thinking AND to get you to take action. It presents the questions to consider, the steps to take, & all the resources you’ll need to forge your unique path to successfully Age-in-Place. The book breaks down Aging-in-Place into its 5 components, or “Pillars,” then walks you through what to consider in each one. Housing, Health & Wellness, Personal Finance, Transportation & Social Interaction are all covered. Find out how to protect yourself and your family from having to make major decisions during a crisis, how to have a difficult conversation with an aging parent needing care, how to pay for Home Modifications, where to find senior services near you… and the list goes on.

There are QR Codes throughout that link to trusted Aging-in-Place resources & organizations, giving the book a practical life far beyond its pages.

Get to know the names of the contributors in this book. They are health care professionals, contractors, educators, caregivers, coaches, financial planners and more. Their compassion and commitment to serving seniors is shaping our future.

Aging-in-Place Conversations National Aging-in-Place Council Contributing Authors:

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