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Fair Housing: The Act in Action

Updated: Apr 9

The Fair Housing Act and what it means for our Aging Population:

Did you know? People with disabilities are the only protected class of people who can face discrimination based solely on the built environment!

VIDEO: Fair Housing’s positive ripple effect: on our #agingpopulation & #AginginPlace businesses.

It’s Fair Housing Month! This year’s theme is “The Act in Action”

What is the Fair Housing Act? The Fair Housing Act sets building and design standards to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against when it comes to housing options.People with disabilities are unique in at least one respect because they are the only protected class of people who can be discriminated against solely by the design of the built environment.

What does it mean for our Aging Population?

A lot – as our population ages, the demand for accessible housing will continue to increase.

According to the US Census, over 24% of Americans aged 65 to 74 years reported having a disability. Over 45% of persons 75 or older reported having a disability.

Thanks to the Fair Housing Act, Failure to design and construct dwellings to include specific accessible design features is considered unlawful discrimination.

What does it mean for the housing industry?

Good News!

“Accessible structures increase profits by maximizing marketability and customer satisfaction” - HUD

Find out more at the Fair Housing Month Opening Ceremony, April 11 at 2pmEST


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