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Finding Senior Resources near Los Angeles

At the Senior Symposim -

(What the Heck is a Senior Symposium?)

It's where I got not one, not two but three Directories of Los Angeles Area senior resources & services.

In this video, I focus on a few of my favorite listings

1) ONEgeneration ONEgeneration put on this Symposium and they are more than worth mentioning here - senior services, senior classes, like support groups, art & technology classes, and fitness classes like you saw at the beginning of this video. Zumba, meditation, line dancing, hula hoops. There is an extensive Adult Day Care program matching grandparents and little kids, plus caregiver support, and more. 2) Transportation Have you heard of "On the Move?" It's a program from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. The goal of On the Move is to educate people about the local transit system. They teach people how to utilize the buses and the trains. Why stress about traffic and the price of gas? Anyone 62 and over can sign up for a senior tap card and you ride all across Los Angeles for as little as 35 cents. LA Metro hosts informational workshops Travel training/peer training - it's a way to meet people and learn to get around st the same time.

3) Hand in Hand Here's a national nonprofit to help walk families through the process of hiring caregivers. Not only do they help older adults and their families through the paperwork and regulations, they make sure the employees are fairly treated and compensated.

Where do you find Senior Resources in your area?

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