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"Resources Run Deep" - the Strategic Framework for a National Plan on Aging

Updated: Jun 18

We All Fit in the Framework - a Strategic Framework for a National Plan on Aging

I went to the recent Webinar on the Strategic Framework for a National Plan on Aging and I learned about some new government resources that could help support you, your loved ones or your work with older Americans.

What can I say regarding the government's commitment to identify and advance actions that meet the needs of older Americans? Let’s just say it’s “deep”:

I put it this way this because 16 Federal Agencies jumped in to work on the Strategic Framework with the ACL – ICC. The ACL - ICC is the Administration for Community Living’s Interagency Coordinating Committee on Healthy Aging and Age-Friendly Communities. Just Funded for the first time last year- the ACL ICC is now authorized to“Amplify & Leverage” and “Coordinate & Facilitate” work and programs in the states that promote

·       Age Friendly Communities

·       Coordinated Housing and Supportive Services

·       Increased Access to Long Term Services and Supports

·       Aligned Health Care and Supportive Services


Learn more about the ACL- ICC, and how they can help you, your family, or your efforts serving older Americans, at 

Stay informed and engaged! Subscribe & Follow @customizedaging for more resources & collaboration to serve the longevity population.

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