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Top 3: Abilities Expo Highlights

Check out our 3 TOP Mobility Innovations from this Year's Abilities Expo!


iBOT by Mobius Mobility Did you ever wish a wheelchair could climb stairs?

The iBOT combines balance and motion to provide a unique eye-level mobility experience. Not only does it climb up and down stairs, you can take it on the sand, through the snow and slush and over dirt and gravel.


Zeen mobility device Watch this retiree and proud Veteran walk with a ZEEN for the first time since having a stroke 2 years ago. A Just look at the happiness on their faces when he starts using the Zeen all-in-one wheelchair / walker rollator to sit stand and GO.


ATTO Sport Folding Scooter from The Folding Scooter Store Fly the friendly skies with a mobility scooter that thinks it's carry-on luggage! Folds and unfolds in 10 seconds Easily splits into 2 lightweight parts

A safe, portable and customizable solution for those with mobility challenges who love to travel.

At Customized Aging, we empower older adults and their families by providing the education products and services they need to thrive in their home of choice as they age. Contact us to Customize the Way You Age.

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