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Top 5 Reasons Senior Homeowners Relocate

Here are the Top 5 Reasons a Senior Homeowner will consider relocating:

1. Home Modifications An older adult with mobility concerns won’t be able to stay in a two story home unless they make major modifications, so they may consider another living option, such as a single story home.

2. Lifestyle & Amenities The environment where you raised your family may not be suited for you as you age. Ask yourself - are there robust senior services in your area, such as alternative forms of transportation and easy access to health care? 00:50

3. Engagement/Social Connection 55+ Communities offer resources that enrich the lives of older adults with activities, programs & surroundings geared to their interests.

4. Care Needs Change Functional losses may impact your ability to take care of yourself or your spouse, prompting you to seek a living situation with onsite medical support.

5. Stress-Free Living Your home is beautiful, but it’s gotten to be too much to take care of. Home maintenance, daily cooking and cleaning chores are covered in most Independent, Assisted Living and graduated care facilities.

If you're looking to Downsize, Move to a 55+ Community, or Age-in-Place, contact us at Customized Aging for Resources and Referrals!


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