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"The needs and wants of the aging population often don’t match up with the reality of our aging homes,” says Eve Hill, a California-based Certified Aging in Place Specialist and co-founder of consulting company Customized Aging.

A few key remodeling projects can make a home safe, stylish and visitable for the long term. “You can leverage design to prolong your independence."

Here’s what you need to know.


Why is it So Important to Remodel Your Home for Aging in Place?

Most older adults want to age in their homes. But are our homes ready to age with us? NO, they are not. 

90% of older adults want to Age in Place (AARP)

96% of homes aren’t ready (Joint Center for Housing Studies) 

Sooner or later we’ll have to face the decision: Modify or Move?"

Older adults and people with mobility issues are unnecessarily disabled by standard home design” - Longevity Strategist Esther Greenhouse 


Here’s how to prolong your independence in the home you love: Leverage design to solve the problem.

Call it by any name you like: Universal Design, Visitable design, enabled design, Accessible Design.

It’s about reducing and even eliminating the need to adjust yourself for your environment.

We can incorporate practical & stylish improvements so our homes can adapt to us as our needs change. So, our homes can be welcoming not only to our future selves, but to everyone, regardless of age or ability. 

  • prevent falls

  • save lives, billions in medical costs

  • repair our nation's housing infrastructure

  • keep people in the homes they love

OPTIONS: You have more options than you think you do.

And the good news is:

 - starting is not expensive.

 - Planning gives you and your parents control.

 - Universal Design is already all around us and we love it

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