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What Does an Accessible Home Look Like? FREE Class Presented by the Aging-in-Place Network

LAUNCHED! FREE ONLINE classes on Facebook Live & Zoom

Tuesdays @7pmET/4pmPT

What Does An Accessible Home Look Like?

Aging-in-Place Basics: How to assess your home (or your client's) for Aging-in-Place. Join us for a Walkthrough Assessment of Suggested Home Modifications for Aging-in-Place. Only 10% of U.S. Housing is ready for an aging population, but 77% of Americans 50+ want to Age-in-Place. So most of us, at some point, will face the decision-- Modify or Move?

IN THIS VIDEO: Learn how to

1. Prepare yourself/your client to live in their home of choice longer

2. Evaluate your next move for successful Aging-in-Place

Customized Aging & The Senior Strategist invite you join the Aging-in-Place Network We love educating & empowering homeowners & communities about meeting the needs of the modern lifespan. We'll learn about the latest in living options, how to get your home ready to age with you, and how to navigate the resources & options out there.

Join us & Let's Talk Tuesdays @7pmET/4pmPT Facebook LIVE & Zoom @aginginplacenetwork

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