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5 Strategies to Combat Ageism

It's Ageism Awareness Day!

Ageism may be a problem, but Ageism Awareness reduces bias - so please read on! 5 Strategies to Combat Ageism:
VIDEO: Consistent, Positive Views About Aging Add Years to Your Life!
1. Think Positive: We are ALL aging, but too many of us view aging with fear, denial and even hostility. Studies show that a consistent positive view about aging can add 7 and a half years to your life, so we can’t afford to limit ourselves and other people with such negative and harmful views. Let’s lean into the opportunities, diversity and full range of experiences that come with aging.

2. Share Positive

Look for stories and examples of older adults engaging in non-age specific activities – anything from bird watching to mountain biking - Notice the real examples in your own life that disprove our stereotypes about aging. Share the Stories. Shout them from the rooftops, make art about them.

3. Listen Positive Find Podcasts like “Growing Bolder," “Seniority Authority,” “What’s Your Next Move,” "Wiser than Me," "Not Born Yesterday" and others.

4. Read Positive

Here are some of our favorite "Ageism Antidote" articles here: LINKS

BOOKS Check out Ashton Applewhite’s Book, "This Chair Rocks,” all about busting through ageism and ageist stereotypes, or Louise Aronson's "Elderhood", The National Aging Place Council's "Aging in Place Conversations" or "The Longevity Economy" by MITAgeLab’s Jospeh Coughlin, about the potential that lies ahead with innovations in products, services & places that “excite & delight” older adults.

5. Celebrate Ageism Awareness day & subscribe to Customized Aging for more ways to look forward to the years ahead!

let us know your thoughts about ageism and -Where do you see Older Adults disproving ageist stereotypes? #TalkAboutAgeism #AgeismAwarenessDay #onaging #reframingaging #customizedaging #modifyormove #mitagelab #thischairrocks #bestlivingtech
Learn More: American Society on Aging National Aging in Place Council



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