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Our Purpose is in the Pillars

At Customized Aging, our focus is on the home, but our Purpose is in the Pillars - the 5 Pillars of Aging in Place, as defined by the National Aging in Place Council.

Customized Aging offers home assessments, home modification recommendations & longevity
lifestyle products for older adults wishing to Age in Place.
So why do we make so many videos and post so much content promoting others? Why do we host free classes on senior resources & living options? Why do we engage in what can only be called “Public Service Announcements” about things like Ageism Awareness and Medicare enrollment?
Why? Our Purpose is in the Pillars:
1. Housing
2. Health
3. Finances
4. Transportation
5. Social Connection
We know that your home is your foundation. We also know that if you want to thrive as you Age in Place you need to take more than your home into account. It would be a disservice to our clients not to acknowledge that. In fact, we have embraced it.
That’s why you see so many posts and videos from us that are downright promoting someone else’s business, organization, product or service. It’s part the collaborative ethos of our mission at Customized Aging.

It’s our vision and our goal to be counted among the senior service professionals creating a society where people of all ages and abilities are able to age with dignity and joy.

And, oh yes - please contact us at for all your home modification and Aging in Place needs :)
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