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Perfect Days & #Multigen Moments

Updated: Apr 18

An Appreciation of "Perfect Days," Directed by Wim Wenders.

Here’s how the film "Perfect Days" made me feel about Multigenerational Connection and the rewards of bringing all of who we are into the “Now.”

“Perfect Days” takes place in Tokyo, where the main character lives and works, cleaning public toilets. He takes his work seriously, and in the humble repetition of his days, he finds moments to connect himself with beauty and experiences. From trees in the wind to adventures underground.

Then his young niece comes to visit. Driving to and from work among that massive city’s stacked freeways, they play vintage rock & roll cassette tapes from his treasured collection. As she appreciates these relics, time collapses – and all the generations come out at once.

The film is one way to underscore what Aging in Place professionals promote and read about in studies on aging – the value of multigenerational connections – fostering purpose and belonging, cycles of support, cultural preservation, and more.

“Perfect Days” also reminded me of the value of a collection that cultivated the connection in my relationship with my father. There were occasions throughout my life when he would pull out his old sports autograph collection. Signatures like Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Dizzy Dean - four notebooks full of them. Even when my father’s cognitive abilities became compromised, he could still tell me stories about how he got those signatures.

>>PLEASE COMMENT: What collections do you share in your family, and what makes them valuable to you?

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