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Simply Irresistible: Universal Design

Updated: Feb 21

  • Prevents Falls

  • Repairs Housing Infrastructure 

  • Broad Market Appeal 

  • Elegant Options

We’re living longer than ever, but what good are extra years if we can’t get through our own front doors? Housing must meet the needs and preferences of a growing population of older adults and people with disabilities, so we can broaden our markets, repair our housing supply and meet the needs of multiple generations. 

The demand, appeal and benefits of incorporating Aging in Place and Universal Design principles has never been greater. 

Discover the market potential and economic benefits of accessible housing features at The International Builders Show Feb 27 as we present “Solving the Puzzle of Housing for an Aging Population.”

Get excited about the future of aging; it’s filled with innovations in living options, elegant design and enough medical and technological advances to make a future where everyone feels at home.

Designing with Accessibility in Mind - WHO WILL BENEFIT? ONLY EVERYONE

  • Consumers

  • Builders, remodelers, manufacturers, distributors

  • Healthcare & Homecare agencies & advocates

  • Long-term care insurance industry

  • Technology companies 

  • Home accessibility designers, manufacturers, distributors & installers

  • Hospitals and health care providers

  • Real Estate professionals 

  • Community service providers

  • Trade groups, business, agencies 

  • Non-profits

  • Politicians & Elected officials

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