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Now is the Time for Universal Design: Messaging to the Aging in Place Market

Originally presented at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show, 2/27/2024

In our pursuit of promoting #UniversalDesign, effective messaging is paramount. #Ageism & pervasive stereotype-driven marketing often fails to resonate with older adults. To combat this, we must think beyond ageist assumptions and present positive and empowering messages.

GOAL: Communicate evidence-based enthusiasm for the possibilities and rewards of honest, positive methods to effectively reach different segments of the Aging in Place market.

Get Ready: Your messaging is going to call upon you to be an active participant in changing the conversation about older adults, addressing ageism, intergenerational dynamics, investing in innovation & in dignity.

CLICK FOR HANDOUT: Positive Messaging Resources Age-Friendly Organizations Reading List & MORE

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