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"Zero Labor Home" is Robot-Ready

🤖 How can LG Electronics' NEW Q9 AI Robot Assistant help older adults around the house? Here’s the answer - straight from the Robot’s mouth!

LG Electronics Q9 Robot is powered by #generativeAI – it can manage your smart home devices, sense your mood and even cheer you up with a little dance

Q9 AI Robot can help older adults with mobility issues by:

·       Enabling voice control & home automation for lights, thermostats and appliances

·       Using sensors to monitor safety & detect abnormal situations

·       Notifying other family members through connected devices or alerts

·       Offering reminders for medication and appointments

·       Entertaining and informing with audiobooks, music and news.

LG’s Q9, a “virtual assistant on wheels,” is on a mission to ensure everyone's safety and Peace of Mind.

What will #Q9 assist you with?

Customize the Way You Age!

Contact Customized Aging for more ways to make your Longevity Lifestyle safer, easier & more beautiful.

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