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Retirement Living in Texas! 🤠

Did you know?

Retirement living in Texas 🤠is exploding, & according to My San Antonio News:

"The number of Bexar County residents age 70 to 74 rose by nearly 60 percent between 2010 and 2019 (new census data). The 59.6 percent surge — more than 24,000 people — represented the county's highest growth rate, followed by residents age 65 to 69. That category increased by 49.9 percent (nearly 28,000 people) over the same period".

We met up with The Senior Strategist Amy Roberts (CAPS/SRES) to discuss the San Antonio Retirement Real Estate market!

Check out @customizedaging's roadtrip thru TEXAS 🤠 #texas#roadtrip#agingup#customizedaging#retirementliving#aginginplace#realestate#agingpopulation @aarp @ncoa @exprealty

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