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Want Tax Breaks for Aging-in-Place? Let's Take a "Pole"

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a tax break for buying Home Modification products?

If passed, the Home Modification for Accessibility Act (AKA HR 7676) will offer consumers Tax Breaks for buying accessibility products and having home modification work done.

This pole is height adjustable and tension mounted for easy installation almost anywhere in the home.

Did you know??? FALLS cost AMERICA over $50 billion dollars EACH YEAR.

Even the simplest modifications can decrease the amount of falls by about 30%.

Now, imagine a TAX BREAK on items like these! It’s possible with a new bill called HR7676. Want to know more about this AMAZING tax incentive program? Check the links below for details on HR7676 and our Amazon store for products like these.

Visit Urge Your Congressperson to Co-Sponsor HR 7676 NOW DIRECT LINK & SAMPLE LETTER:

It's a bipartisan bill just introduced last month. It will give consumers financial incentives for home modification projects that improve the Safety, Security and Accessibility of the home. That means products like grab bars and handrails, ramps and select smart home technologies that make Aging-in-Place possible would be included.

Homes Renewed Coalition has been working for a long time to get HR 7676 to this point.

The news about this bill is really promising. The Tax Break will "nudge" people to plan ahead, & upgrade their homes with Universal Design. It will help reduce injuries and subsequent high medical costs associated with falls, as well as drive development and investment in the market, and create more work for skilled providers.

The Homes Renewed Coalition is launching a campaign about the benefits of this legislation to encourage the public support and action needed to get it passed.

As we know, the vast majority of Americans want to Age-in-Place, but only 10% of US housing units are ready for an aging population. The primary obstacle to getting modifications done is financial.

We need to make consumers & congress aware that the incentives in HR 7676 offer the solution.


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