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The Longevity Revolution is Here

Hey, Sandwich Generation - we're riding the wave of the LONGEVITY REVOLUTION!🎉 Many of us are juggling care for both kids and elders, some reaching 100! In the last 10 years the amount of people who’ve reached to 100 years of age or older has doubled, and it's only expected to grow.

Imagine the family gatherings – kids today have parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who've seen a century of world changes!

The 85-and-over population is expected to grow FIVE-FOLD! From 4 million in 2000 to 21 million by 2050. (Population Reference Bureau)

A whopping 90% of our senior family members want to age in their current homes and communities (AARP). But are our communities and homes ready for what’s to come? Surprisingly, only of 10% our nations housing units are equipped for people with mobility challenges. (US CENSUS) Embark on the 'sandwich generation' journey with us as we help older adults thrive where they choose to age.

Join Customized Aging & The National Aging in Place Council as we bridge the gap between the needs of our seniors and their communities!

Let's collaborate for a brighter future preparing our homes and communities for the Longevity Revolution. #SandwichGeneration #AgingInPlace #LongevityRevolution #customizedaging #modifyormove

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